As an honest broker, BigVAR helps guide the selection of data center, security, and networking infrastructure and applications.

BigVAR fulfills critical technology needs

About us

Originally formed in the early 1990s by a group of ex-Sun Microsystems employees, BigVAR was created to serve the higher-education marketplace with cutting-edge technology solutions. The value provided to our early customer base soon facilitated quick growth of the practice, which in turn enabled the company to begin serving enterprise-level customers. Over the past few decades, our customer base, our high-caliber engineering teams, and our commitment to our customers have established BigVAR as one of the best Value Added Reseller services in the United States.

BigVAR believes in providing comprehensive cutting-edge data, security, and networking solutions for our clients. We have forged strategic alliances with key OEM partners in order to afford our customers the highest-quality products and services available. Our project teams of engineers seamlessly integrate infrastructure updates into large-scale environments for increased ease and accessibility.

Data Center Solutions

BigVAR engineers are experts in configuring and deploying advanced and highly-scalable Data Centers. Whether it is a Public or Private Cloud, our professional services teams are the trusted partner.

Enterprise-class Storage Solutions Highly Engineered Compute Platforms

x86 Servers and Blades, Storage, and Networking

x86 Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets

Network Attached Storage

Engineered Systems, Applications, Servers, and Data Warehousing

Data Protection and Archiving

Linux Platforms, JBOSS Middleware, and Virtualization

Data Protection Software / Appliances High Availability

Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Software-Defined Data Center

Cloud Solutions

cloud computing platforms

Big Data Applications

Big Data applications to support your technology andanalytics strategies. Monitor and manage your data streams.

Semantic Integration Metadata Management

Machine Data Analytics

The First Fully-Managed Big Data as a Service Platform

3rd-Party Hardware Support (Break-Fix):

Essintial’s solutions capitalize on internal and external field technical resources to support enterprise technology deployments.

Support OEM’s EOSL’d Hardware


State-of-the-art cyber security architecture and solutions. Our world-class teams bring enterprise-to-cloud protection for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Next Generation Threat Protection, Security Management, and Software Defined Protection (SDP)

Big-IP Load Balancers, WAF, Application Security, SSO, DDOS Protection, and DNS

Database, Cloud, and Web Protection

Network, Enduser, and Server Protection

Security Configuration, Vulnerability Management, and File Integrity Monitoring

EndPoint Protection, Encryption, and Web Security


Our DevOps teams and Networking professionals are available for custom configurations and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Big Data Storage Network Architectures

Networking Servers - Unified Computing

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